Blurring the Lines

Gaining clarity about things that are important 

The hardest part of day-to-day life is keeping on track and prioritized. In much of our life we major on the minors, and minor on the majors. We start out with good intentions. We aim in the right direction, but for some reason, we easily get off track. 

Imagine an airplane leaving Atlanta headed to Paris. The headings are set and the flight plan is filed. The plane leaves Atlanta but somewhere over the ocean. the pilot decides to change his heading by two degrees. That may not be much in the beginning, but it will drastically change the destination. When we blur the lines of things in our life we soon get off-course, ever so slightly, until ultimately it changes our desired outcomes.

It is easy to blur the lines between:

1- Low & High Priority – Time management is identifying the high-priority project that energizes you most, and accomplishing it first. When you spend quality time on things that are low-priority you quickly move off course and lose energy. 

When you spend quality time on things that are low-priority you quickly move off course and lose… Click To Tweet

2- Direction & Vision – Just because you are going somewhere does not mean you are headed in the right direction. If you do the hard work first and clarify your vision and plan, the rest is simply implementing it each day.

3- Movement and Achievement –Just because you are busy, it does not mean you are accomplishing anything. Be sure that the areas that receive your attention are things that matter. If you are going to expend time and energy to do something, make sure it is something worth doing.

If you are going to expend time and energy to do something, make sure it is something worth doing Click To Tweet

4- Popularity & Character – We commonly mistake someone’s likeability with character, but that could be far from the truth. Character is not what someone says, but who they are. The most respected person is often different than the most popular person. Define yourself by an impeccable character and you will accomplish more than you dreamed.

Blurring the lines between the things listed above is easy to do. Having complete clarity about them, however, will help you to move forward in most any area of life you choose to pursue.